Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 8

Welcome to another week of native plants! This week we'll focus on more plants of interest for fall. There will be three or four more entries for this blog, then it will take the rest of fall and winter off, to re-emerge in Spring as plants poke their heads above the leaves.

1) Euthamia caroliniana SLENDER GOLDENTOP Asteraceae - Aster Family

Native perennial to two feet. Leaves very narrow, with a single vein and conspicuous resinous dots.
Found in old fields and roadsides. Flat topped florets of ten to fifteen yellow ray blooms in September to October. Often seen with Agalinis purpurea from week five of this blog

2) Helenium autumnale COMMON SNEEZEWEED Asteraceae - Aster family

Native perennial to three feet. Found most often in wet meadows, ditches and roadsides. Stem winged. stems terminate in clusters of yellow, daisy-like flowers with wedge-shaped rays florets with distinctive, tri-lobed floret tips. Domed disk flowerhead yellow. - Once dried and used as snuff- thus the common name of "Sneezeweed" Blooms late summer to frost.

3) Chrysopsis mariana MARYLAND GOLDENASTER Asteraceae - Aster Family

Native perennial of dry woods and roadsides. Stems to two feet. Wooly pubescence on young plants. Upper stem leaves lanceolate, lower stem leaves oblanceolate. Yellow flower heads to one inch wide. Sticky bracts founds below petals. Blooms late summer to early fall.


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